The Youth Maritime Training Association is a program that provides information, scholarship, and grant resources to students in the Puget Sound region.  Founded in 1996 by Norm Manly, YMTA began as a single man’s passion for exposing students to boats and the water.  Norm carried the organization for 10 years until he handed the reigns over to Gary Stauffer, a retired NOAA fisheries expert, who shared Norm’s vision.  Gary also ran the organization as a one-man show until 2014 when YMTA found its new home with PSM.

Currently, YMTA awards six or seven scholarships per year, ranging from $1,000 – $5,000.  We attend at least 24 college/career fairs each year and have reached approximately 200 students each year.

With more hands on deck, we hope to grow YMTA – giving more scholarships with higher award amounts; broadening funding opportunities to all age levels; and increasing our partnerships with local industry businesses (for field trip, internship, and training opportunities).  Your business can help by sponsoring a scholarship and providing operating support – Donate Today!

Teachers, check out our YMTA Grant Funding Application for bringing your students to the water, or maritime into your classroom!