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Maritime Seattle
ISBN: 9780738520643

Description: Seattle grew from pioneer settlement to bustling metropolis, its waterfront evolving from a marsh to a thriving complex of industrial sites on both salt and fresh water. This pictorial history weaves the story of the evolution of the Seattle and King County waterfronts through photographs, images, and maps as it develops from marsh to container terminal. Beginning in 1850 with the pre-canal era, here are the lumber mills, local freight and passenger transportation, coastal and ocean shipping, the shipyards, and the stories of significant figures in the history of Seattle’s waterfront.Shown also is how the rapid growth of the shipyard facilities was counterbalanced with the development of the labor movement. The forging of this shipping epicenter is captured here in over 200 vintage photographs.

Author Bio: For over 50 years the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society has been an important resource for the preservation and interpretation of the maritime heritage of the greater Puget Sound area. Most of the images are from a collection of photographs and negatives acquired from the acclaimed Joe Williamson, one of the society’s founding members and a long-time maritime photographer and collector in the Puget Sound region. . It is published by PSMHS with assistance from King County Landmarks & Heritage Commission, production was managed by Gary White and past president Bill Lerch. Major contributors include Liz Engle, Harold Huycke, Mike Mjelde, Ron Burke and Hal Will. The PSMHS photo collection is featured in this wonderful, through-the-years look at waterfront activity in the Emerald City over the last 150 years.

Tall Ships on Puget Sound
ISBN: 9780738548142

Description: This engaging pictorial history tells of the tall sailing ships that came to the Pacific Northwest beginning in the mid-1700s. Met by native Salish people, the ships brought Spanish, British, Russian, and American explorers, as well as settlers and entrepreneurs, to the region. Over the next two centuries, during boom and bust periods, these majestic vessels have continued to ply the waters of Puget Sound. Today the proud tall ships operate in a training and education rather than commercial context; however, the commitment to preserving and promoting their heritage remains strong within the region, as well as throughout the United States and around the globe. This groundbreaking book features 180 rare photographs and illustrations that chronicle the colorful history of tall ships on Puget Sound.

Author Bio: Author and maritime historian Chuck Fowler has hands-on experience aboard tall ships in Puget Sound and has researched and written about them for the past two decades. He is a national board member of the American Sail Training Association, headquartered in Newport, Rhode Island. Fowler is also a cofounder of the Pacific Northwest Maritime Heritage Council, an officer of the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society in Seattle, and a former board member of Youth Adventure, a nonprofit youth sail-training organization that formerly owned the 1913 schooner Adventuress.

Tugboats on Puget Sound
ISBN: 9780738559728

Description: While square-rigged sailing ships, steamboats and ferries, and ever-larger cruise and cargo-carrying vessels have made their mark on Puget Sound’s maritime history, no other vessels have captured the imagination of shore-bound seafarers like tugboats. Beginning in the 1850s when the first steam-powered tugboats arrived in the Sound from the East Coast via San Francisco, company owners and their crews competed fiercely for business, towing ships, log rafts, and barges. The magnetic attraction of powerful, tough tugs both large and small is unexplainable but enduring. This book, featuring about 200 rare historic images and carefully researched text, tells the colorful story of tug boating on Puget Sound.

Author Bio: Author and maritime historian Chuck Fowler’s lifelong interest in tugboats began as a youth, watching the rugged workboats pass by his family’s island beach house. He has avidly pursued maritime activities and history, and is past president of the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society in Seattle and cofounder of the regional Pacific Northwest Maritime Heritage Council. Coauthor Capt. Mark Freeman was reared on Seattle’s Lake Union. The son of legendary Fremont district boat broker and entrepreneur O. H. “Doc” Freeman, Mark charted his own maritime course. He operated his own single-tugboat business at the age of 13, served as a medal-winning U.S. Coast Guardsman, and later became a tugboat captain and successful marine businessman.