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Photographic Collection

Our primary photographic collection is known as the Williamson Collection and it consists of more than 50,000 individual ship photos and 30,000 negatives. The collection is stored and searched  by ship name.

We also have other photograph collections, including the Lloyd Stadum Collection which contains photographs and histories of U.S. ships and shipping companies.

Some of PSM’s historic photographs are available for viewing at King County Snapshots. These photographs are protected under copyright laws and may not be used for any purpose without the express written permission of the Society. If you wish to order or use a copy of any copyrighted photograph, please contact PSM for conditions and fees, or find them here:

Photo Licensing Agreement   and     Photo Price List

If you need us to find you a photo of a specific vessel, volunteers are happy to search the collection and let you know what they find.  Volunteers are typically able to respond to research requests within 14 days.  If you have a potential research project, please submit an inquiry.

Photographic Reproductions
Because we are housed within MOHAI, the handle all of our photograph reproductions.  Once we’ve helped you select a photo, MOHAI will contact you with order and payment information.
Students, MOHAI members, and PSM members will receive a 15% discount on photo fees.  Not a member?  Join today to get your 15% discount!