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Our widely regarded maritime journal, The Sea Chest, is published quarterly and is included with membership to the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society. Established in 1967, the journal's purpose is to record historical maritime events of greater Puget Sound, British Columbia and Alaska. We seek a scholarly blend of researched material and first-hand experiences to appeal to both the historian and general reader.

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A-L M-Z A-L M-Z A-L M-Z 67-87 88-2011

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The current Editorial Board consists of the following members:

Ronald R. Burke Editor-Chairman

Elwood C. "Tiger" Avery, Elizabeth Engle, Chuck Fowler, John Hough, Nat Howe, James Lovejoy, Michael Jay Mjelde, Carl Nordstrom, Virginia Randolph, David Rice, Mark Shorey, Richard Warren, Gary M. White and Shirley Will.  Constance Burke, Editorial Assistant.

All past issues of The Sea Chest are available for purchase at $10.00 each, plus tax and shipping/handling. To order, please contact us at or phone 206-812-5464

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